Why does the Free Trial require billing info?

We understand the importance of providing a seamless and uninterrupted experience for our users. To ensure a smooth transition from the free trial to a paid subscription, we require billing information during the trial period.

Avoid Service Interruption

One of the primary reasons for collecting billing information during the free trial is to prevent any interruption in the service. As Atomic Widgets seamlessly integrates with your website, it's crucial to maintain the widgets' functionality even after the trial expires. By providing your billing information upfront, we can seamlessly transition your account to a paid subscription without interrupting your website's performance or losing any valuable data.

Streamlined Account Activation

Collecting billing information during the free trial allows for a smooth and effortless account activation process. Once your trial period ends, there's no need to go through additional steps or provide payment details again. This streamlined approach ensures a seamless transition from the trial phase to an active, fully-functional account, saving you time and effort.

Cancel Any Time

Of course, if Atomic Widgets is not the solution you are looking for you can cancel your trial or (later) active subscription at any time.

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