Deal of the Day


  1. Add the widget to the desired location
  2. Select your product
  3. Configure your countdown timer
  4. Configure additional settings and styles as desired
  5. Publish to your storefront


What happens when the time runs out?

If your timer is set for a time prior to midnight, it will display zeros for the remaining time. It will remain visible however.

Once a new day starts a new timer will start.

Does this automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time?

No, it does not currently adjust for Daylight Savings Time. Please adjust accordingly.

How can I configure multiple deals at a time so I don't have to manually update this each day?

That is not possible with this particular widget. We are, however, working on another version that will enable you to do this. Stay tuned.


  • We recommend aligning your promotions and sale prices to the deals that you create with this widget.
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