Promo Image Grid


  1. Add the widget to the desired location
  2. Add your promo images
    1. Note: it was designed to use either 2, 4 or 6 images
  3. In order to set up a time-sensitive promotion, set the "Promo Start Date & Time" and the "Promo End Date & Time"
  4. Set the Time Zone for your store
  5. Configure additional settings and styles as desired
  6. Publish to your storefront


Do I have to have a promotion to use this?

No, it is not necessary to have an active promotion.

What conditions need to be met in order to for the promotion content and countdown to display?

**In order for a promotion to be active, the Promotion Start Date and Time must be before the current time AND the Promotion End Date and Time must be in the future. **

The Countdown Timer will only display if if the above conditions are met AND it is set to be visible AND the Countdown Days/Hours are within the Promotion End Date & Time.

Example: Widget is set for 1 Countdown Days and 2 Countdown with a Promotion End Date & Time that is less than 26 hours from now.

What if I don’t have an active promotion?

You can configure the Promo Image Grid to "Always Display (even without active promotion)"

What would I use the Image Links for?

The Link could be used to point to a sale category, product detail page, promotion terms & conditions, or other relevant link.

Can I display the banner only when there is an active promotion?

Yes. Uncheck the "Always Display (even without active promotion)" setting. This will only display the Promo Image Grid when there is an active promotion.

Can I reorder the images?

Yes, you can reorder the images.

Drag the Promo Image to the desired location

Note: images will not expand beyond 100% size

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